Kings of Leon outsell Lady Gaga by a fraction

STADIUM ALBUM AND FOURTH effort by Kings of Leon ‘Only By The Night’ has just outsold Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame ‘in the UK.

According to figures by the Official Charts Company and the BPI, the fashionista darlings (yes, fashionistas: they launched their own clothing range with Parisian boutique label Surface to Air, Vogue link here) sold 276,000 digital copies of  2008’s Only By The Night.

The Fame, the 2009 debut album by Lady Gaga was downloaded 261,000 times.

Q. How did Kings of Leon Outsell Lady Gaga in 2009?

A. The Fame sold 15,000 less copies than Only By The Night on its debut to the UK Music Charts in 2009.


Martin Talbot, MD of the Official Charts Company, was confident that these figures displayed the increasing importance and popularity of digital record sales.

“With Kings of Leon leading the way in the all-time list – ‘Only By The Night’ becoming the first album to sell more than quarter of a million copies – it won’t be long before we see the first half-million-selling digital album,’ he said.

Both artists have seen their follow ups leaked online. Demos from Lady GaGa’s third album in two years, ‘Born This Way’ (widely acknowledged album title, but is tbc) is already popping up on YouTube.

Kings of Leon’s new album Come Around Sundown leaked a week ago and this weekend saw an upsurge in downloads on various p2p sites. Kings of Leon are now streaming previews of their fifth album for free on their own website.

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  1. Phil “Tweek”

    Gaga is a bought CD in my collection and I torrented Kings of Leon. Why you ask? Because that is all they deserve now. You havent put it in youe post but you just know they are sellouts! Say it! They’re slaves!!!!!!

  2. Phil “Tweek”

    Good post btw jane

  3. Phil “Tweek”

    error!!! *your in my first comment

  4. Toni H


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