THIS IS REALLY INSPIRING. I found a flyer in the Zion Arts Centre in Hulme, Manchester, whilst attending a Future Artists workshop and I really wanted to put it on my blog.

It’s called the Reclaim: North Manchester Manifesto. I’ve decided to copy it up as a blog post as I fully support its aims, especially as, under the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government, the UK is about to undergo cuts of up to 40% in the public sector – this is the sector which is most compelled to support small communities and make the quality of life better.

This, perhaps, is why a manifesto like this is so important. They are the guidelines left in the wake of hundreds of job and funding cuts.


– Smile. It will brighten up your day and time

– Mums and dad need to act as one and become friends

– If you’ve got nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all

-Kids of North Manchester need to stay kids, feel joy and stay positive

– More drama, singing activities and youth centres

– Support vulnerable people on the community and protect them

– More education and job opportunities

– Encourage people to do good things for others in the community

Work as ONE and RECLAIM our area.

Reclaim is project for 12-13 year old girls who live or go to school in North Manchester.

This manifesto shows our priorities, for our community, in our own words.

If you support our ideas, please display this in your window. Thank you.




*to find out more about the RECLAIM team at: reclaim@urbis.org.uk


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