Eating in Manchester on a Sunday – from GIRL ABOUT TOWN #37

Bar Ca in Manchester

Manchester Food Review from GIRL ABOUT TOWN

With the sun’s recent-but-brief appearance in the rainy-city, everyone went out for Sunday wind-down drinks. (Some for Sunday-mistake drinks at Varsity on Oxford St, but it’s their Monday morning they’ll have to deal with…) A place I cannot recommend enough for a lively Sunday evening is the Bar Ca in Catalan Square in Castlefield. You can’t miss it – it’s right next to the wobbly bridge.

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For a grand Sunday evening veg out, go for a slap-up Chinese at Tai Wu. Many members of the Chinese community eat lunch here on Sundays, and you can often see a long queue at about 11.30am, ready for when it opens.

Eating in Manchester on a Sunday – from GIRL ABOUT TOWN #37

Finally, Sunday evenings are what the café at Cornerhouse was made for. Well that, and a hangout for all the freelancers who use it as the office during the week.

“Jane’s recipe for a perfect Sunday? Slap-up Chinese at Tai Wu and cupcakes at Cornerhouse.”

If you haven’t been in a while, or the last time was to catch a film and nothing more, check out their new selection of cupcakes. They are ridiculously bling. And it’s one of the only bars that’ll stay open until just before midnight, so the Cinderellas among us can clamber home, ready for work in the morning.

  • Bar Ca, Catalan Square; Grilled Halloumi Canapé with Lime mayonnaise, £3.95.
  • Tai Wu, Vegetarian Banquet comprised of four courses, £17.50.
  • Cornerhouse, Oxford Road; Raspberry and Pistachio muffin, £1.80.


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