‘Letters to Fiesta’ are a band that loves badgers…

4 thoughts on “‘Letters to Fiesta’ are a band that loves badgers…”

  1. But I dont like the band, everything but the singer is decent. bit cocky in the interview as well

    1. Think you are being unfair-I have met the band and they are hard working musicians-passionate about their music-try talking to them at their next gig-nice guys,especially their singer.

  2. It’s a shame if they came across to you as arrogant babelfishy old chap, they don’t come across like that in person..

  3. Ah opinions, opinions. I am enjoying the fact that there is some discussion going on, but to be fair ‘babelfishy’, it wasn’t just the singer’s interview, it was the band’s; and I reckon they were just being playful!

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