BACK IN THE YEAR 2006, when the recession was just a glint in Canary Wharf’s skyline and a recurring, weird nightmare in Robert Peston’s head…

…In 2006, the Year of the Tiger which saw toad Zidane chestbutt a chap during a game but Reese Witherspoon win an Oscar for Walk the Line (Go June!), a little punk zine – called ‘Polka’ – Polka Zine was created in Crewe. (Can’t give you a link up sadly, as it died with Geocities. RIP though ask nicely and you might get a pdf file.)


Alongside the gorgeous, affable and supercool grrl Alex Othen, we two happy 16-year-olds talked to independent bands and artists, reviewed decent tunes and gushed all things indie and DIY fashion. Aw bless our souls, we were cool then!

This was one of our first interviews with a New York pop punk band called The Booty Olympics. Enjoy!

..p.o.l.k.a.. meets  The BOOTY OLYMPICS! [24/4/2006]

(c) Booty Olympics

MITZI DODGE  lead vocals.guitarist.chief songwriter

PALMYRA drummerrrrr!

THE LOVELY & TALENTED BETSY TODD bass player. vocalist

* * *

Hello Mitzi. So, Booty Olympics – a fantastic band name, and it leaves you wide open to puns referring to ass shaking. Nice! What made the band decide on it?

“Well it was one of those things…you hear it in a conversation and the next thing you know? It’s your band’s name.”

Cutting to the chase: women are increasingly archetyped within the UK indie scene. What about the US scene? What’s a ‘Hipster’? What’s your stance on women in the industry (esp. considering your Album’s called ‘Boystyle’)?

“You know… used to be a big deal to be a rocker chick. Now? Not so much. Still the sexiest thing on earth though. I actually have no stance on women in the industry. Boystyle is more a commentary on being a boyish girl in the world (not just the music world). A tomboy but not trying to be a guy.

“Does that make sense?”

The band aren’t new to the seedy business of Music Incorporated. Which, is good really. (When you listen to the Booty Olympics songs, you can tell the sound is finely crafted…without sounding over-polished.)

1. What’s the secret?

“Do what you love and don’t give a shit.”

2.  What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt from being on the road with the likes of Sonic Youth and Nirvana?

“Just because you’re a musical genius doesn’t mean you’re automatically nice or cool.”

3. What’s the best aspect of playing Miss Adelaide? (nb – from Guys and Dolls)

“A person can develop la grippe.”

Anything new from The Friggs? (nb – a garagerock band from 1990s US, Palmyra = guitars)

(c) underrated lovelies

“I think Palmyra’s going to put out a compilation of ultra rare and unreleased stuff soon. It’s gonna ROCK!”

Reading the band’s bio on the website, you, uh, passed out in Kurt Cobain’s bed. Envy inducing, have to say. And very interesting….

“Yeah… well. He wasn’t in it or anything. Sorry.”

OK. When you’re all not rocking out, what does the band do to relax?

“We all have and love our stray animals. We love arts and crafts and TV. The L&T (Lovely and Talented Betsy Todd) loves to snowboard and fish. I take pictures and film. Palmyra just never stops rocking!”

Describe The Booty Olympics sound in five words. See, three words are always too little.

“Spazz, yay, fuck, stomp, glee”

Cats are clean and clingy, dogs are loyal and loving. What animals makes a better pet: cats or dogs?

“Dogs. Hands down.”

What can we expect from Booty Olympics in the future? Are you gonna get to the UK anytime soon?

“We’re finishing up a record as we speak. We’d love to come to the UK! can we stay at your place?”


“Thanks to you!”

~ POSTSCRIPT 2010. They were here: ‘already said goodbye’ is still on their myspace and still sounds ace. But they have been reborn here and are the SANTAMARIAS!: Check these ladies out. Cooler than your mums. Also cooler than your mum is the lady Alex interviewed, artist and designer Heidi Seeker, who’s gone on to create jewellery for none other than Katy Perry! ~

(C) myspace/bootyolympics

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