Review of Spinningfields, Manchester – GIRL ABOUT TOWN #31

review of spinningfields by 'girl about town'

Review of Spinningfields, Manchester: GIRL ABOUT TOWN #31

THE MINI CITY OF glass and grass Spinningfields, Manchester is in the middle of its ‘Let’s Watch’ free film season, which is lovely because it costs a tiny fortune to hang out there normally (London prices). Except for Pret-a-Manger.

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The last time I was there properly, and not just passing through, was during the Manchester International Festival. I volunteered as a helper (and to get cultured in two weeks) and spent most of my time pedalling from one event to another on my little bike. Though it was in Spinningfields that I spotted filmmaker (and hero) Adam Curtis getting some lunch and I had to suppress my desires to do the following: shout “YOUR BRAIN IS AMAZING! I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!” run and hug him and then run away gleefully, whilst vainly hoping this would somehow represent the world-of-goodness he’s given the universes of journalism and documentary…and *not* scare him.

A double date in Spinningfields?

I had planned to watch the Audrey Hepburn classic with a new date and buddies and Zo and Fizza, but the two of us ended up in Odder on Oxford Road nursing my boys Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker for most of the evening. I am making a point this week of going to see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. If you ever thought you did some pretty awesome stuff skiving off, you’re wrong, because there’s no way you’ll have ever done it like Bueller did.

The film is free to watch in the Mancunian rain on a huge screen.

Movie line up:

  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 29/07
  • Blues Brothers – 05/ 08

Deck chairs are a bargain £2 for the evening (or bring your own!) and the films are free to watch.

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