Review of Salford Quays – from GIRL ABOUT TOWN #30

salford quays review

SALFORD QUAYS is where the future of Manchester is. Media City. Even though Salford really is another city in its own right, but share and share alike (insert big smiley face). 

Review of Salford Quays – GIRL ABOUT TOWN #30

In a couple of years, it is going to be bustling, and the north will be force to be reckoned with – even more than it is already, of course. The Quays, as it stands at the moment, is surprisingly peaceful and mostly residential. In fact it can get a bit too quiet. But then, it’s a brilliant jogging route to if you follow the Quays round to all the inlets like Clippers Quay , Labrador Quay and back up to the Trafford Bridge.

image (c)
image (c)

In the summer, it’s a haven that’s west of the city centre complete with ducks and boats – Piccadilly Gardens and the fountains can get crowded when the sun’s out.

Then there is the Lowry Theatre which recently celebrated its 10th birthday; and the building hasn’t aged on bit. Over the water, there’s Old Trafford and the Lancashire Cricket Ground.

Salford Quays is the future of TV media in the UK

The BBC are heading over to Salford, ITV are moving too, lots of indie filmmakers such as Future Artists are rumoured to be moving there before launching an online magazine…it’s all about to kick off.

For a little taster of what’s to come, have a bevy in Lime Bar after 8.30pm when the sun’s starting to set, just opposite the Lowry Theatre, and then take a walk along the Quays. It’s gorgeous, as the lights shimmer and dart off the swishing water. Or if you’re on a health kick for summer, jogging there is simply a nice change to the usual pavement plod.

  • Lime Bar, £6.95 Summer Salads: Dolcelatte, Sweet Caramelised Pear, Radicchio, Peppery English Watercress, and Pickled Walnut.
  • Salford Quays,
 Manchester M50 3AG.
  • Jogging in the evening – Free.

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