Tough Femmes

Bitch: In Praise Of Difficult Women

Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel

Published by: Quartet Books – £9.00

WRITTEN BY HARVARD’S coolest grad with an ego to match Sophia Loren’s, this book is a glorious manifesto, a collection of essays and ultimately a culmination of bitches past and neo-feminist present.

Using her Generation X pessimism, Wurtzel fearlessly attacks a stale patriarchal system which favours men in court and society. She begins with a post-structuralist commentary on that most delectable of sexy bitches, Delilah, to the political mastermind of the Clinton clan, Hilary. Unlike your typical glossy magazine, the writer examines the female psyche to its darkest depths and emerges with raw hunger for feminist issues.

It concludes with what we’ve known all along: powerful women have a whole world to conquer.

from Student Direct’s “Read This, It Changed My Life

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