Jane McConnell is the New Girl About Town for NBC’s ‘Kalimocho’ Magazine!

Hello Readers! I’ve missed you and I know it hurts because the hit counters have gone down 😛 so I’m gonna sort you out ASAP with some new pieces. What I really want to tell you, though, is that I’m blogging elsewhere too for a while professionally while I’m still at University, which is super exciting (especially after my very brief appearance on MTV talking about cycling and music, which I didn’t record and now can’t find anywhere! Haha!).

Jane McConnell is the new Girl About Town for NBC’s ‘Kalimocho’ Magazine as the Manchester, UK reporter!

Weird to write that in the 3rd person but apparently that’s good for Google so I have to do it that way.

Anyways. Do check it out,  it’s called Girl About Town (Eeeeeeee! I’m Manchester’s Girl About Town!) on the brand new site for women Kalimocho

Full site: http://www.kalimocho.co.uk/girl-about-town-manchester/manchester/blog Thanks!


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