Seaside Riot, band from Morecambe

Seaside Riot – Moho, Manchester – 20/2/09 Gig Review

MOHO is the Manchester headquarters for glorious indie and breakout club night This Feeling – one that the crowd wishes it could keep secret from everyone else.

But really, there’s no way any we’re-so-obscure sh*t can rumble out when you’ve got HRH Noel and that Serge Pizzorno bloke from Kasabian, barking about how effing brilliant it is… groan. That, and it was all too much a sweaty and cheerful Friday night – any stupid posers would invariably have had Red Stripe poured all over their faces. Kind of normal when you’re a band  from Morecambe, like Seaside Riot.

Seaside Riot – about the band

This month, Seaside Riot will be lighting up Roadhouse and Retro Bar before coming back for Satan’s (Hollow: moshtastic gig hole on Princess Street) in April. Judging by how this was the band everyone was waiting for that night, they should be coming home to a hearty reception. But they’re not Mancunians… (Oh no!) Seaside Riot are from the sunny north west beach town, Morecambe.

“We need to emphasise that because Morecambe isn’t a music centre as such,” says vocalist Matthew Whitehouse. “We’ve always been a Morecambe band, playing in Manchester.”

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Although it is probably okay if some of the fans wanted to claim them as their own homegrown. Especially with all the hazy Smiths guitar referencing in their indiepop stunner Small Town Sweetheart City

Matthew and Rory, Room 1, MoHo

Interview with Seaside Riot the band

“I have a sound in my head of how we wanna sound like. We listen to Orange Juice, Blondie, Shop Assistant and Alan Bennett is an influence.”

Matt…? He says: “Because his works are incredibly sad and bitter and funny. That’s what we try to re-create. That’s why we like the Smiths – violent, but so hilarious.”

The band have been together for five years. Or at least, Matthew claims to have worn “Levis, pastel colours, checked shirts and boat shoes without socks” for five years.

“But we’re not art-rockers,” quips Joseph Kondras, drummer.

“We like football,” says Matthew.

“And Morecambe FC… The Shrimps!” laughs Joseph.

Hooray For Our Gang is a lovesong by definition and manages to cram a mass of indieboy sounds that is something of a magic mix between Raveonettes, The Clash and The Jam that sets everyone off.

Speaking to the band after their Friday night gig in what actually is The Tiniest Dressing Room In The World, they appeared unfazed by the fuss they’re getting tonight. Drummer Joseph: “I think we’ve won a few people over. It went well!”

“We’ve worked hard for years. It’s been building up for us. Quite a few people watched us tonight!” says Matthew, though he has no reason to be surprised. Seaside Riot have been off the stage for just five minutes and yet we could still hear clapping.

Song pick: ‘Come Home Katie’

Seaside Riot – BAND: Ryan: Guitar, Rory: Bass, Matthew: Vocals, guitar, Joseph: Drums, (& Joe “the bod” and self-confessed ‘male groupie’).


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