Jonathan Ross BBC One

Jonathan Ross and the Daily Mail: The Whingers on Wossy’s Back

NEWS OF THE WORLD in their infinite wisdom have slapped more red paint across Jonny Ross’ CV, slamming his radio ad lib sesh as ‘sick’.

Protecting the non-existent preciousness of their readers, the tabloids were out in force again this morning in an attempt to sabotage Jonathan Ross’ career.

With someone ultimately as self-effacing and cuddly as Jonathan Ross – as you’ll see in his book – he knows where the line is, and stays decent.


As the Daily Mail are again calling for the Estuary accented bloke to get sacked, maybe it is worth considering the consequences of losing Ross. Now.


See, there wouldn’t be any less Londoncentrism to be fair. But: losing the Friday Night would be another blow for the Beeb and the time-honoured tradition of asking Tom Cruise about flatulence. Ross, unlike his predecessor Parky, bites.

Where the BBC is finally winning over a new audience for the years ahead, Ross is the man for the helm who balances bite with bark; he keeps his show relevant, comprehensible to a cosied-up audience that chooses to stay in on Friday and by teasing with puerile and facetious humour as well as banter,  he moves away from a lot of mediocrity found on the same channel.

Kissing goodbye to someone as marginally controversial as him would be a mistake.

He is entertaining and appealing to a generation of multichannelists who would tire of watered down talkshow mush (pray this never happens) to the point where they’d be pleading with OfCom to not pay the licence fee.

Ross isn’t marketed as a creative comedian currently, but as a presenter – so naturally, it’s his job to gob off.


Russell Brand, former partner in crime, is marketed as a comedian although thanks to the Daily Mail, the yokelling suburban bandwagoners and the resulting Sachsgate, he has moved onto greater things with Johnny Depp. How does that look on the BBC? Or Channel 4, for that matter, who decided to keep him on the books? As much as I despise saying it, Disney have got a better idea of what the ‘sick’ media consumers want.

Jonathan Ross BBC One
Jonathan Ross was victimised by the Daily Mail

The BBC are actually responsible for a lot worse than Jonny Ross. Like the ‘comedian’ Jim Davidson with his casual racism and sexism who for years, presented the pre-watershed Generation Game.

The Mail and NOTW reckoned it was OK for the Beeb to pay two blokes who ridicule ethnic minorities but heavens, it’s really not okay for Jonathan Ross to swear, (no – a linguistic travesty!) make jokes about sex (not in a puritan country as ours!) or old people (but they are the stalwarts of society who we wouldn’t dream of ditching in homes) or for him to…be himself.

Most rational people would be horrified by shows that pander to the opposite of Wossy– the mundane, the culture of saving face. You know, those shows that promote the boring, shallow, make-yourself-beautiful-by-doing-what-we-say culture which has quickly become the mainstay of modern media i.e social media.

For example, I watch  ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid?’ on BBC Three, and whilst I like the fact that it trashes the plastic look women are told to aspire to, it still has as its central premise that women should “dramatically make-under” themselves by having their appearance judged by a robot called “Pod”  in order to become more attractive to the opposite sex, in some terrifying vision of a dystopian future where an algorith decides if I’m fit or not. It’s hard enough doing that myself every darn day.

Anyhoo, it was SMA on the telly, and because I didn’t like what I saw on a particular episode, I did the following: SWITCHED OVER.

Wow! It’s not that hard to turn the dial on an old radio, either.

When was it that audiences had forgotten they have choice?

Who gave them that idea? (Hint: it was the Daily Mail).

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