Stop Hating The Alpha Female

7 thoughts on “Stop Hating The Alpha Female”

  1. oh gosh HOW CATTY! A true lady doesn’t have to worry about Queen bee’s or Alpha females. These are people who falsely have cliques not friendship circles. These are people with low self esteems who try to bring other women down. Please grow up and truly look at your soul through your own reflection there are more true women than you. Good day!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I don’t know what is more tragic: taking offence at an article which is neither worried in tone, nor derogatory in any way; or using the post as an excuse to offend the writer personally.

      Just to clear things up, the point the article makes about ‘Alpha Females’ is that the term doesn’t actually need to exist: rather, it is better to take ownership of the term and ‘love it’, rather than allowing it to become a hostile stereotype. The article has nothing to do with a woman’s friendship groups or being like a ‘Queen Bee’- this would be more about social circles and the way they converge/diverge based on deviant or aggressive behaviours of said ‘bee’.

      My article, on the other hand, is about how we can still borrow ideas from feminism, and that every woman is unique and can define herself through her own definition of strength and ‘alpha’ qualities.

      If anything, my promotion of strong women through this article is an invitation for other women to feel the same – that we are all beyond male-defined stereotypes! And this is a really good thing!

      I wonder whether you have found offence with the ‘no children’ idea – in which case let me reiterate. The idea of not ‘needing’ to have children is taken from the concept of matriarchy as a female ‘energy’ – of course, it is a great and beautiful thing to have children – and I can’t wait to have children! The article I wrote, though, is trying to say that it doesn’t have to be the only defining factor of a ‘strong woman’. Many women physically cannot have their own children; so instead, ‘matriarchy’ in my article is merely an interpretation of something very simple: having empathy, dedication and passion towards a project or idea as a woman who is, actually, as strong as her ideas.

      But clearly you want to go personal, so I will entertain that. (I am a most gracious lady and host you see): I am happy with myself, I have an inspiring and beautiful mother who is strong and intelligent in so many ways that most people will never, ever understand; I have a few but very good friends in my life and blessed to have many acquaintances, great colleagues; and I am with a wonderful partner who makes my life twice as awesome.

      Furthermore, I believe that no-one is allowed to judge anyone else’s soul because we are all flawed; I believe I am a true woman, and I have good self-esteem because my entire life revolves around doing my best in everything can do realistically.

      However, I do agree, there are definitely stronger and ‘truer’ women than me out there, who live their lives to the full and empower others to do the same, and I like to seek them out as muses. The follwing:’Gala Darling‘; Beyonce, Ellen Macarthur, Sophia Coppola, Florence Nightingale, Kate Adie and Nina Simone are some great examples.

      Next time, think deeply before typing “HOW CATTY” and “Please grow up”. Turns out, I love cats, and I have one called Ricky; and I am a grown-up. The only catty thing about this blog entry is your comment, and growing up would be sending me a personal email for such a personal comment.

      You have a good day too!

  2. making a programme on maggie thatcher at the mo, couldn’t agree more. OWA. Ovaries with Attitude.

  3. Love it! I’ve been called an “Alpha Female” before, but I’ve never done any research on the term. I thought your post to be insightful rather than derogatory. I’d love to read about your views on “what type” of male would best suit an Alpha Female!

    1. Apparently, an alpha female is not suited to an alpha male because there is a higher chance of domestic violence and/or divorce. Alpha males can be abusive bitches who will bring an alpha female down to beta female status, especially when she wants to retain her success, independence, intelligence, talents, and hobbies. Plus, alpha males can be very clingy, (overly) emotionally attached, and possessive, not allowing an alpha female any space nor individuality at all and there also domineering, bossy, demanding, and feisty (like men are on average) as well, not allowing an alpha female to voice her opinions nor express her wants, including sex, etc. because the alpha male thinks it’s his job to wear the pants all the time and manage everything and that a woman should obey what he wants and needs only and not initiate anything at all. In other words, alpha males will want to be superior one hundred percent of the time, thus causing the alpha female to run for the hills.

  4. Amen. I’m tired of all the bullsh*t about Alpha Women no being ‘feminine’ or ‘caring’ or not real women (your first commenter kind of proves my point). Look at a Lioness – maternal, caring, team player, but a leader too. But I suppose when you’re queen of your life-Serengeti you gotta roll with the gazelles too. Great article- thanks. Looks like we still have a long way to go.

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